Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Component preparation

Photos by Rob Bishop & Emily High

Three views capturing some of the bits that have recently been grit blasted, which provide a flavour for activities later this year.

The big bits in the foreground of this image  include the (from right to left), the covers for the cam shaft/ valve push rods and the gear train from the MDB4 engine (see photo below), followed by the cover for the gear wheel on the lay shaft, which forms part of the final drive and the casting which carries the starting mechanism (see 8th March 2017 update)

This is the final drive from the gear box to the lay shaft, which is protected by the cover in the centre of the first image. The ‘shadow’ of the cover can be seen. The upper strap of the transmission brake is also visible in this view.

The large wheel on the left of the view  is the drum for the transmission brake. Other transmission brake components on view include the two crescent shaped plates (centre) and the brake shoes (rear), see 8th March 2017 update for the relationship of the transmission brake bits. The other components visible include the drive pulley for the water pump/ fan belt, a cab stanchion, parts from the lay shaft and the engine starting mechanism.

An easy one to spot. The cab rear sheet, complete with drivers’ seat.

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