KS 4415 Arrival and Storage at Minffordd

The loco arrived in the UK in October 1997 and was placed in store at
Minffordd awaiting restoration.

The engine (which is not the original but a 1945 replacement) is probably beyond repair but, in 2007 with the assistance of Mr.Brian Gent, the Greenwich Narrow Gauge Railway Society located and acquired a McLaren 'M4' Mk.2 engine to replace it.  It was delivered to Minffordd where it is stored on a 2ft gauge trolley. Both engines are 90 h.p. - the 1928 original was only 60 h.p. 

KS4415 on arrival at Minffordd
The replacement engine
The replacement engine
The starter
In the shed at Minffordd

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