Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Sump, block and camshaft

Images by Rob Bishop
More McLaren Progress

If you are holding your breath for the crankshaft replacement/repair you will go blue in the face. But we do have progress to report (unless you’ve been on the Facebook page, in which case this is old news). 

If we go back to the beginning, this is the sheared crankshaft and associated damage to the sump. Before…

And after Cast Iron Welding Services worked their patient magic...

Both the sump and the block have now had their faces skimmed in the horizontal borer at Boston Lodge...

The view below shows the repaired end of the sump after machining:

While the block was in the borer the top of the block was also skimmed:

Back in November 2016 the cam shaft was dismantled. While repair was an option, the cost for replacement was not significantly greater and while we are very keen to retain original components, there is quite a lot of pitting on the old shaft so we decided that replacement in this instance was a better option. 

This is what Christmas looks like in the Bishop household:

An object so beautiful it could be in the Tate Modern:

The cam followers are the refurbished originals: