Saturday, 3 September 2016

Update 2nd September 2016

Photos by Rob Bishop

There is a saying that no news is good news, in the case of KS4415 no news is just that; no news. In March all of the team became distracted by their holiday plans, the usual stuff, don’t know what to take, don’t know what to wear. Holiday snaps on:

After all that excitement normal business has been resumed. Having completed the repairs to the main frames, the subframe channels required some attention. The left hand (‘clock side’ to Boston Lodge habituees) had some pitting which Rob Bishop made good by building up the wasted section with weld, the high spots of which were then milled off to return it to its original profile:

Welds on the clock side sub frame being tidied up in milling machine

The repaired clock side sub frame

The right hand (‘engine’ side) frame required more attention, as some of the channel flanges were heavily wasted. The solution for this member was to cut out the bad areas and replace them with new, welded in sections:

New section of channel flange let in to original subframe, prior to welding

Overall view of 'engine' side subframe showing extent of flange replaced

One of Rick's little side projects is producing some vintage style chopper couplings (see 13/2/2016 report). These combine old ‘split face’ choppers, with new hooks and eccentrics and recovered bob weights. Coupling to slate wagons will use the ‘twisted 8’ link in the rear coupling hole, secured with a French pin:
Vintage style chopper coupling

One of the technical challenges facing the project is the wheelsets. The tyres have a lot of life in them, but they are gauged for a 2’ gauge railway, rather than the 1’ 11 ½” of the F&WHR. Will High has been working with Paul Molyneux Berry & Jon Whalley to establish a wheel profile that can be turned on to the original tyres which will allow the loco to run on railways of both gauges. Re-use of the tyres addresses both conservation and budgetary targets. A profile has been agreed and templates laser cut. The wheels are now waiting for the attention of the Boston Lodge wheel lathe.

Wheel profile gauges and new axlebox end cover
(to replace a missing original)

Once the wheels have been turned, all of the heavy downstairs work will be complete. The brake gear still needs sorting out, together with the transmission chains and drag boxes to suit the new couplings, but the end of the initial phase of the project is now in sight.