Monday, 5 August 2019


KS4415 It’s a bit of niche market and if you are keen enough to be following this you’ve probably got the books already. If not, why not? All items available from the Ffestiniog Railway Heritage Group website Payment by Paypal

R.E.V. GOMM Badges:


There is only one way to really mark a railway locomotive restoration project; A genuine Gomm badge. These little gems are only available from the FR Heritage Group and all profits will go to the restoration of Kerr Stuart 4415.

Available in original grey livery £5.00 including p&p or £4.00 for cash if we can arrange to meet in the back room of some Porthmadog pub!

As you can only buy them from the FR Heritage Group this could be termed an exclusive offer, but the exclusive offer comes with a limited edition, exclusive offer!

We have a limited edition of 50 badges in the Mauritian Green livery. These are also available at £4.00 cash/£5.00 including P&P.

Do you go grey or do you go limited edition green? To make the choice easier, you can only buy a green one if you buy a grey one. If you think that is unreasonable look at it from this perspective, the more badges you buy the sooner we will all see the engine running!

Fifteen Shillings Change by Kerr Stuart & Co Ltd. Re-printed by the Industrial Railway Society. ISBN 1901556575 Softback 280mm x 21mm, 30 pages, 14 illustrations