Friday, 19 May 2017

The Brake Linkage

Photos by Rob Bishop

The next few photos of odd bits of bar will make a lot more sense if you understand how the brake gear works. The pull rods act on two suspension arms, on the centreline of the loco. The suspension arms act in turn on two short links which pull on the carrying arms which carry the brake blocks. The carrying arms are themselves hung from two suspension links, all coloured luminous green in the section below.

These are the brackets for the suspension links. Central bracket for the pull rod link, outer brackets for the carrying arm.

The rear assembly. This pivots from the frame via the top hole, with the pull rod acting on the bottom hole. The brake block bolts to the outer hole on the carrying arm while the inner hole is for a clevis to carry the suspension arm. The carrying arms are shaped to clear the flanges.

The carrying arms, fitted with clevises for the suspension arms. Note the rather crude flame cut finish.

Both carrying arms complete with suspension links.

The suspension links fitted to the frames. This is the front unit. The bracket on the central link is for a release spring, which connects via a hook to the hole in frames. This spring pulls the brakes off the wheels when they are released.

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