Sunday, 21 May 2017

The frames turned over

Photos by Rob Bishop

After two years lying on their back, the frames have now been turned over and are now the right way up, so here are a few general views to place the various components into context. This photo from the rear of the loco shows the sub-frames in position, with the spring pockets bolted on and also the brackets for the brake gear fitted to the underside of the floor. The brake weigh shaft is to the left, under the cab floor and the angles which will carry the drag box can be seen behind the front buffer beam. Dave Hatt is about to put in a cameo appearance to rivet in the upper drag box angles.

This view from the front clearly shows the welded in repair to the rear frame stretcher (bottom)

Frames right side up:

                                                      July 2015
April 2017

Engine Mounts

Contrasting views of the engine mounts before and after:
The semi-circular mount was for the dynamo. The heavily rusted cab floor plate was originally riveted in. The replacement will be fitted with set screws to allow access to the dragbox for maintenance. 

While the upper surface of the floor is heavily pitted, it is still fit for purpose and has been retained, in line with the conservation ethos of the project.

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