Monday, 5 March 2018

Gearbox Repairs

Images by Will High

In the 6th December 2017 blog update the damage to the saddles which mount the gearbox on the layshaft was described. These screen dumps illustrate the proposed repair. We are currently waiting delivery of a kit of parts from a laser cutting supplier to move this aspect of the project forward.

The left hand (driver's side) plate will be located in the tight gap 
between the gearbox and the frame stretcher.

There is more space on the right hand side, so the plate will be outside the stretcher. 
This repair does not require any further holes drilling in the frame stretchers, 
in line with the conservation ethos of the project.

An overall view showing how the plates bear on the layshaft and
span the existing saddles, which will be left in their present (damaged) form

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