Friday, 26 October 2018


Images by Rob Bishop

OK you wait months for an update and then three come along at once. Back in March the jury was out on the best option to sort out the crankshaft. Clearly it is very dead. While there is no intention to bury it, the carriage works volunteers have made it a beautiful casket.

It has gone on to a better place, Farndon Engineering in Coventry, who have been commissioned to make a replacement. In round figure terms this will cost £8,000, which leaves the kitty looking very bare. The recent donation of £1,000 from the FR Bristol Area Group has been a big help to keep this aspect of the project running. Farndon didn’t have an ‘order now for Christmas’ offer on, but there is still quite a bit to do on the gearbox which requires labour and not too much cash, and there are plenty of other rusty bits to be going at.

A last look in the coffin to the crankshaft with its broken neck. Imagine the excitement when the new one comes back and we start worrying about the broken piston, the missing fuel pump and injectors…

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