Sunday, 16 February 2020

More on Fuel Pumps & Governor

A bit more on the fuel pump & governor & the timing gear train which drives them.

The image below is of the timing gear cover, with the fuel pump wheel in situ:

The drive from the back of this wheel to the governor is a simple fork. The bracket which carried the fuel pump/ governor body has also been fitted in this photo so we can check some dimensions:

This is the drawing Will High is preparing of the casting which will sit on these brackets:

Some of the information used in the drawing has been taken from the MDB2 fuel pump body (below) and we have also measured up some components on the pump on the MDB4 owned by Armley Mills:

Progress on drawing up the cam followers for the fuel pumps.

McLaren call these ‘Kicker for Fuel Pump Plunger’ and they are components 569 & 570 in the ‘I-Spy fuel pumps’ diagram in the last blog. We of course need four, the two in the photo being from the MDB2:

This drawing shows a cam and kicker together with the fuel pump plunger in place in the casting. The kickers on the MDB4 pump we are replicating are carried on a radius arm (allowing the travel of the kicker & pump to be increased) rather than the slide arrangement in the MDB2 shown in the photos in the previous blog entry:

Finally a view of the timing train, MDB4 (left) & MDB2 (right):

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